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All our shishas are prepared with the highest quality Starbuzz coconut coal.


There is a lot that goes into creating the magic that is hookah tobacco. Having pride in the age old tradition and infusing it with modern flair is how Starbuzz has come to develop this world renowned brand.


Passion kiss £15.95

Grape freeze £15.95

Royal grape £15.95

Golden grape £15.95

Citrus mist £15.95

Double apple £15.95

Simply mint £15.95

Blueberry £15.95

Pina colada £15.95

Pirates cave £15.95

Coco jumbo £15.95

Sex on the beach £15.95

Free Tobacco

Starbuzz Steam Stones- The next generation of tobacco-free and nicotine-free shisha alternatives. Starbuzz has perfected the science behind steam stones to bring you the ultimate tobacco-free smoking experience.


White Mint £15.95

Golden Grape £15.95

Apple Doppio £15.95

Simply Mango £15.95

Tropical £15.95

Blue Mist £15.95

Al Fakher

Al Fakher has been passionate about shisha since 1999. Molasses are made from the finest tobaccos and are infused with exquisite European flavor infusions to create a rich, unrivalled, full smoking experience for our shisha enthusiasts


Double apple £12.95

Grape £12.95

Kiwi £12.95

Pineapple £12.95

Mint £12.95

Cappuccino £12.95

Strawberry £12.95

Melon £12.95

Banana £12.95

Bubble gum £12.95

Rose £12.95

Lemon and mint £12.95

Grape and mint £12.95

Blueberry and mint £12.95

Cherry £12.95

Orange £12.95

Fresh mist £12.95

Bubble gum and mint £12.95