Bar & Grill

At Argeela we are more than just a bar & grill, we offer the perfect surroundings for relaxation and enjoyment. Along with our extensive range of the finest quality shisha and delicious grill menu we have a bar serving alcohol-free cocktails and a selection of Zilias blend coffees, teas, and hot chocolate.

Only the best 100% alcohol-free free cocktails

Our mocktail menu currently offers 7 different drinks, all using the best ingredients and made fresh to order. By combining great ingredients such as juices, fresh fruit, ginger, lemon and lime, fresh mint, soda, and grenadine, we have created an exciting range that can be enjoyed on its own, or to perfectly complement a shisha or meal.

Check our mocktail menu to find out what drinks we’ve got on today.

Coffee and hot drinks

At Argeela we only serve coffee we can be proud of and that’s why our Zilias coffee has undergone extensive taste testing to achieve the perfect blend.

With 35% Brazilian, 30% Vietnamese, and 35% Columbian beans, every one roasted locally by our artisan supplier, the resulting coffee is delicate yet versatile enough to taste great in our range of coffee styles: espresso, latte, flat white, Americano and Cappuccino.

We also serve tea (ask about the house blend) and a luxurious hot chocolate.

Enjoy more at Argeela Bar & Grill

We hope you will enjoy choosing from our range of drinks served at the Argeela Lounge. If you are planning to visit why not make reservations to ensure you and your friends have all the space you need. Booking is easy and available 24 hours a day – just complete the form on our website and we’ll be in touch to confirm.

To find out more about our shisha, food or bar and grill menu selection, why not complete our contact form and we will be happy to help.